7 things you get with your bot purchase…

We’re going to build you a fully-customized marketing chatbot that promotes your products and generates sales

We guarantee your satisfaction

Picture this. Imagine a customer comes to your web site and sees an offer for a free checklist.

To get it, they don’t need to give you their email address and trust that you won’t spam them. They just need to click a button. 1 button. That’s it.

After they do that, their phone “magically” vibrates and they get an alert. It’s your chatbot. It sent them a the checklist your site promised.

Instant gratification.

Not only that, it gets their permission to send follow up messages about your company.

So the next day, your bot sends them another short message. Every other company is flooding their email inbox, but you’re delighting them with short AND USEFUL chats via Facebook Messenger.

After a while your bot notices that they’re ready to buy, so it sends them an offer.

They buy. Right there. In the chat window. You smile because you found a new, fun way to reach people and your competitors never heard of it.

The best part: you didn’t build any of it yourself.

You hired a certified professional who graduated Bot Academy and was trained to both create chatbots and make sure they communicate in a delightful way.

You don’t have to imagine any of this. We can build it for you.

All customized to your business.

Right now.

Here’s what you get when purchase:

1. Custom onboarding tool

There are multiple onboarding tools for you to choose from, including these 2 popular options.

Onboarding tool option: landing page

Onboarding tool option: slide in

2. Welcome message

We’ll create the message people see when they get your first message.

3. Message sequences

We’ll create a nurturing sequence consisting of 4 messages that users get immediately after they subscribe so you can build a relationship with them, teach how your product/service will help them, and prime them to buy from you.

4. Sales messages

Facebook Messenger does not want pushy sales chatbots on its platform. Our trained professionals will help you stay within Facebook’s Terms of Service.

5. Automated responses

Does your company get the same questions over and over? We can program your chatbot to automatically answers to some of those frequently asked questions.

6. Multi-platform support

We understand that some of your customers don’t have Facebook’s Messenger app installed on their phones.

That’s ok.

We’ll make sure it works on all platforms, including the old familiar Facebook.com web site.

7. Guarantee

Look, we know this is new for you. We want to take the risk out of it. So we’ll guarantee your happiness.

Let’s get started

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