In the last 4 months, Gabe Schillinger has generated over 1,100 sales with a pretty awesome campaign that combines chatbots, email, and a time-sensitive evergreen offer.

His company, Legion Beats, sells a membership program that helps musicians produce higher quality songs and market themselves so they can earn a living doing what they love.

Based on the average lifetime value of each member, his chatbot campaign has brought in over $100,000 in revenue!

Sounds pretty good right?

We were certainly impressed when we heard the results he was getting. But we were even more impressed when we found out how he’s doing it.

There are two really smart strategies Gabe is using (that apply to virtually any industry):

  1. Combining chatbots and email for multiple customer touchpoints
  2. Creating real urgency in an evergreen campaign to increase conversions

Want to apply these strategies to your own campaign?

In this article, we’ll walk through his campaign, what tools he’s using, and how he set them up so that you can create your own 6-figure success story.

Campaign Overview

Here’s a quick walkthrough of Gabe’s campaign.

  1. Facebook ads drive directly to Messenger to claim a free opt-in.
  2. Opting in triggers a follow-up series in both Messenger AND email.
    Messenger via ManyChat Email via MailChimp
  3. After a few days of teaching and providing value, users receive a limited time offer to join his membership program for half off. (And the offer actually disappears once the time limit is up!)

Tools used:

Combining Messenger & Email

One thing that really caught our attention about Gabe’s campaign is how he’s using email and Facebook Messenger within the same campaign.

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute, I thought you said chatbots are the future of marketing and they outperform email?”

Just because chatbots are where we’re headed doesn’t mean email is dead! We’ve always said the two work even better together.

Why? Because most of your customers still use both. The best companies use multiple touch points to reach their audience wherever they are.

A Facebook Messenger chatbot should compliment your email list, not replace it. And that’s exactly what Gabe is doing.

When users opt-in to his lead magnet, they drop into both a ManyChat follow up sequence and an email follow up sequence via MailChimp. (He set this up with a simple ManyChat → MailChimp zap within Zapier).

Mirrored Messaging

Over the course of several days, Gabe is telling the same story in both places, just in the style that works best for each platform. Meaning shorter, more conversational messages via chat and longer messages via email.

Here’s an example of the messages a user sees on day 2 promoting his tripwire offer.

ManyChat Messaging123 Email Messaging


If you’re at all familiar with chatbots, it will come as no surprise that he’s getting significantly higher open and click rates in Messenger than in email.

Check out the stats for the first 5 messages in the sequence in ManyChat and MailChimp.
(Note, there is no link in the 3rd ManyChat message).

Messenger stats:

Email: stats

The chatbot messages are getting an 85% average open rate compared to 33% in email. And his average click-through rate is 10.67% in the chatbot vs. 4.4% in email. (Those numbers are for messages after users initially clicked to claim their download).

While the email performance is lower, it’s still a significant amount of engagement that he would be missing out if used Messenger only!

Creating Urgency in an Evergreen Campaign

Marketers and business owners love evergreen campaigns because you set them up once and then they generate sales and revenue on autopilot.

(Provided your offer converts and you’re sending traffic).

The problem is that evergreen offers don’t always convert as well because they don’t have real urgency. Sure you can say your offer is only available “for a limited time,” but if there’s no hard deadline people don’t feel that itch to get in now or risk missing out.

That’s why people still do live launches, even though they’re a lot more work. When the cart is closing or the special price is truly disappearing for good, it creates a real sense of urgency and excitement.

Gabe is getting the best of both worlds using a tool called Deadline Funnel.

How Deadline Funnel Creates Urgency

Deadline Funnel knows when a user enters a campaign and assigns them a personal deadline. Once their unique deadline disappears, the special offer or pricing goes away.

In Gabe’s campaign, users have a 5-day window to get 50% off his membership program for the first month. If they click a sales page link during that time frame, they see the 50% off pricing and a banner counting down how much time they have left.

If they click through after their deadline has passed, they see the regular pricing and no timer.

Before Deadline After Deadline

Deadline funnel even tracks users across devices and platforms. So whether they click from Messenger, email, phone, or computer, the deadline is the same. (See how this works below).

Using Deadline Funnel in ManyChat

Deadline Funnel “magically” tracks users through your funnel and across platforms via their email address and URL parameters.

Here’s how the setup works in Gabe’s case.

  1. Within Deadline Funnel, he assigned 2 links, one for during the special offer period and one for after it closes.
  2. Deadline Funnel then generates one dynamic link that contains an email parameter.
  3. This is the link used in ManyChat with the [email] portion replaced with ManyChat’s email merge field. Now Deadline Funnel can take them to the correct URL and display an accurate timer based on how much time they have left.

You can check out Deadline Funnel’s how-to article here for step-by-step instructions on this process.

Want to show off the creative strategies you’ve used to generate results with chatbots? Come tell us in the Bot Academy Facebook Group and you might just be our next case study!

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