We have been lucky enough to participate in the beta launch of the new NTN option for Messenger(TM) Chatbots, and over the past six months we have applied it to one client’s 10 day quiz to promote his online course. I’d love to share the results with you if you’re ready to regain the legal opportunity to message your subscribers daily for 30 days, OR weekly for 3 months, OR monthly for a year, without having to identify with a message tag.

Ready for a case study of FB(TM) Messenger’s(TM) new recurring notifications option for sending messages to subscribers through your chatbot after 24 hours, more commonly known as the NTN?

So, let’s set the stage for the funnel we created for our client.


We did no ads for this client. All the subscribers mostly come from one YouTube video with a Messenger(TM) URL in both the video and the description.

The reward to subscribe is a free 10 day quiz that includes sample questions and study worksheets to help users pass the professional license exam in our client’s industry. Users receive instant scoring for the up to 8 quiz questions each day during the 10 day quiz…

…and this allows for additional questions offered to help them study further…

So, day 3 of the ten day quiz timeframe is the first day we offer a link to the paid course that has everything subscribers need to prepare for this industry, specific license exam.

Okay, let’s show you how the NTN will help you keep subscribers engaged for the entirety of your campaign.

How and why to use the new NTN feature

If you’re an OG conversational marketer, someone who has been around since 2016/2017, you remember the gold rush days of sending any message any time to any subscriber. Of course, the scammy marketers got hold of that option, and went crazy doing what they do, spamming subscribers to make as much money as possible. The rest of us sent as useful messages as we could with the vision of helping as many people transform their lives with the help of our clients’ products and services.

Then, FB jumped in and gave us the 24+1 rule, which required us to message subscribers within 24 hours of the last time they engaged with our bot, plus ONE MORE message any time after that.

FB removed the +1 shortly thereafter, and we have been left with pushing a FB message within 24 hours of the time a subscriber engaged with our bot, and using the appropriate message tag, SMS or email to re-engage our subscribers back into our bots. FB added the OTN (One Time Notification) that allowed subscribers to give us permission to message them ONE MORE TIME outside the 24 hours for only the specific topic we specified when we gained their permission.

To add to that, FB has introduced three new “Outside 24 hours” permission-based messaging options we can now use to re-engage our subscribers and keep them moving through our flows.

To apply for this new messaging option, you need to go to the Settings tab for the FB Business Page connected to your bot.



Now we are ready to use this new NTN feature!

First, we need to ask our subscribers permission to send them a message every day for up to 30 days, every week for 3 months, or every month for a year. Here is where you will find this option when creating your flows:

And, here is what that looks like in our client’s bot:

We ask for this permission before we confirm email or phone to be sure we get the most important thing first!

Second, once we get that permission, we can use this to send messages outside the 24 hour window to those who opted in to this feature. Here’s an example for how we used it to send the Day 2 message during this quiz.

If you use this reason for sending subsequent messages outside the 24 hour window, the messages will have the highest chance of getting through! (We cannot guarantee all messages get delivered, because, well… this is FB.)

So, here are the statistics for this client, and our use of the NTN to increase engagement, and sales from January through April, 2022!


Subscribers Started Quiz Clicked to Sales Page Finished Quiz SALES
1998 1650 764 585 75
83% 46% 35% 10%


A 10 day quiz with up to 8 scored questions each day, and we got a 46% CTR to the sales page, 35% to finish the entire quiz, and a 10% conversion rate to buy the course.

Now comes the fun of iteration of every message block, and every button to increase the CTR between individual messages for each day. We have a low of 53% and a high of 78% average daily CTR for each of the 10 days, so that’s very good to begin with, and we aim to get even more subscribers clicking all the way through our messages, and buying the course.

Of course, we don’t have control over the copy on the sales page, but we’ll recommend changes to that also, now that we know it basically converts.

So, now that you know what this NTN thing is all about, and you have some stats as a starting point, let’s start building, shall we?!

If you need help, just reach out. ChatBotMom has you covered!

Happy Bot Building!

P.S. This bot has a pretty good rating from users, don’t you think?