The video above can help you earn thousands of dollars that you are leaving on the table.

This could be solved by applying a chatbot to your e-commerce business!


Most customers browse on the go, but purchase later.


For every person who abandons their cart, you can send them a personal message with the items that they were previously looking at.

So when people go check their Messenger on the desktop, they are only one click away from purchasing!

Does this actually work? Let’s look at the data.

The result = more $$$.

This is one of ShopMessage’s many clients.

Notice how each user is getting a message 30 minutes after they are inactive. Then 23 hours. Then 48 hours later.

Three follow up messages that are AUTOMATED which increases sales by thousands of dollars – just by adding a chatbot to the flow

The video above explains how you can use chatbots to get similar results with your e-commerce store.