Cold email template for Real Estate


We’ve put in brackets for content where you’ll need to add specifics related to the client’s business to make this effective and relevant.

Here are some subject line options:

  • Congratulations!
  • How to get 400% more leads
  • Since you’re so busy
  • Spend more time closing

For the opening personalization examples, here’s some details about what we’re referring to.

For example #1, you can find sales counts for the last 12 months at the top of any real estate agent’s Zillow listing so this is a great personal stat to open with. Go to Zillow’s “Agent Finder” tool to find the agent you’re targeting by name.

For example #2, it’s an effective technique to compliment them on their positive reviews. You can also see that info on Zillow when you click on “reviews” in the agent’s profile. This can have an event higher impact if you compliment them on something specific the reviewer said about them!