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This community is a place to share ideas, connect with each other, ask for advice, celebrate success, and refer each other to new clients. When you want to post in the group, please take time to draft your question and you will get higher quality answers. Here are some tips:

  • Announce the subject up front – start with a summary of the topic at hand in brackets, like [Looking for feedback on my bot’s content] or [How do you send a broadcast message to a segment of my subscribers ?] or [Success story: How I landed my first client!]
  • Consider whether you might get better answers by doing some work upfront. For instance:
  • If you’d like advice on your bot’s content, you might try writing it out yourself and screenshotting the messages so we can give feedback.
  • If you’re trying to figure out your next steps or a strategy, maybe list three possible options and the pros/cons. Or share what you’ve already tried that hasn’t worked.
  • End with a “call to action” – easiest is a question for people to answer. (“So, what path would you take?” or “Have you tried any of these options, and did they work for you?”)