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A strange thing happened to me a few weeks ago on one of my Facebook chatbot training sessions.

Over and over, many businesses owners told me that instead of the Facebook chatbots that I was teaching them how to build, they wanted this:

I finally sat down with my team to answer 2 things:

  1. Why are so many businesses owners trying to add chatbots to their web sites?
  2. What were they trying to do?

Then I remembered something you probably noticed loads of times. Sites are adding these to the bottom right corner of their pages:

You noticed that too, didn’t you?

They’re live chat widgets. Just click them and chat with the people behind the sites.

But I bet you noticed a big problem with them, right?

Before I explain the problem and why bots solve it, I have to tell you that I’m a skeptic.

Just because businesses are adding those widgets doesn’t mean they’re useful. So I started doing some research to see if these things are just ‘nice to have’ additions or actually lead to more sales.

One of the best places where I got hard data on them was an hour-long training I took from J. D. Power, the research company. That’s where I learned that yes, they did lead to more sales.

But it’s more than just a gimmick that leads to more money. Check out this graph that I took a screenshot of from my J. D. Power training:

Those little chat widgets aren’t just a way to grow sales. They actually make customers happier to work with the companies that use them.

Ok. So there’s a big problem with them that you & I noticed….

…a problem that screams for a bot to come in and solve it.

Here it is:

In case you can’t read that, it says that my chat will be responded to in a few hours.

It’s hard for companies to keep people sitting down, ready to respond to chat all day. So they make potential customers wait till they’re ready.

Here’s another issue:

Of course they do.

And these chats don’t do anything for lead generation. In fact, they can be a distraction.

Okay, so that’s where this comes in:

Enter the chatbot.

A chatbot can do 3 things really well:

Respond to most people instantly.

That’s right. All day, everyday. If someone has an issue, the bot responds.

Collect leads (including email addresses).

Bots can easily ask people for their contact info (email and/or phone number and/or anything else). And it’s smart enough to know who to ask and when to ask them.

Connect qualified buyers to salespeople.

Here’s the key. If someone is ready to buy an expensive product and needs a conversation with a salesperson, the bot can either connect the buyer instantly or even schedule an appoint for later.


How can you use all of this?

Bot Academy is a chatbot training company. We’re starting a new training program that will show you:

  1. How to setup the widget and welcome message
  2. How to engage leads and collect email addresses via the bot
  3. How to qualify leads and generate sales with a 3 question bot
  4. How to install the bot on a website

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