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My friend Clay asked me how I found out about chatbots before other marketers.

I told him that I invested in Assist, which made the first chatbots for businesses on Facebook. In a private conversation with Assist’s founder, Shane Mac, I learned what Facebook had in mind for the Messenger platform and what would soon be possible. So I jumped in before other marketers even knew what chatbots were.



When I wanted to understand how marketing was going to be done in chatbots, I hit up investors in my network and got an intro to the founder of ManyChat, Mikael Yang. He showed me previews of the software he was making to enable marketing automation inside Facebook Messenger. That allowed me to build my sales funnel inside of a chatbot.



When I wanted to add payment processing inside my bot, I reached out to my friend, Nir Eyal (best selling author of “Hooked”) and asked him to intro me to the founder of Chatfuel, Dmitry Dumik. Chatfuel’s software makes about 1/2 of all the chatbots on Facebook Messenger. Dmitry showed me a clever hack his company created to collect credit cards inside of Facebook Messenger. I jumped on that, too.

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I’m telling you that to show you how getting close to the people who make the top bots helps me understand what to build into my bots.

For the first time ever I’m inviting a few members of Bot Academy to join me in these private conversations.

I’ll host 4 phone calls with founders of companies that build the bot software. This is your opportunity to build relationships with them and get an early look at what’s coming — and how you can use it before anyone else.

If you join, you MUST agree to keep what you heard private. You can use it to build your bot, but you have to agree not to talk about it with people outside this Maker Mastermind.

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