You’re in! Welcome to “Just Build”…

But before you get started, I wanted to
ask you something:

Did you want Just Build…

…or did you really want the full
Bot Academy course?

Because I’ve noticed that some people buy Just Build, even though they’re really ideal for the full Bot Academy course.

So if that’s you, I want to make it easy for you to upgrade.

Because when you upgrade, you’ll be able to:

  • Grow your chatbot subscribers quickly, even if you’re starting from zero. (Because there’s no point in building a bot if no one subscribes to it, right?)
  • Write sales copy that makes those subscribers love you, share your stuff, and buy your products. Because without good copywriting, people won’t enjoy your bot, and they’ll unsubscribe.
  • We’ll show you how to write great sales copy … easily and quickly … even if you hate writing.
  • Get a lot more help with any issue or hurdle that might come up for you, during five mastermind sessions.

And, should you decide you DO want to sell bots to clients later on, you’ll have a complete roadmap for getting your first clients and landing retainer deals that pay you month after month … for work that’s actually fun to do.

(But even if you’re like, “Andrew, I said I never want to sell bots!” the modules on getting clients will make you a better salesperson for life.)

Also, the Bot Academy 100%
satisfaction guarantee still applies.

Join now for just for just $199/month for the next 10 months. And if you aren’t completely happy with what you see inside Bot Academy, just let me know in the first 14 days after you upgrade, and I’ll refund every penny.

Or, you can even downgrade back to Just Build within 14 days. Totally up to you.

I’m that confident that you’re going to love Bot Academy.

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