Land Your First Chatbot Client: Provide a Great Experience for People Whose Work You Admire

The number one question Bot Academy community members ask is “How do I land my first bot client?”

The truth is, it isn’t doesn’t take a crazy complicated master plan and there’s no one right way to do it.

If you have the skills to build a chatbot and understand the value you bring to a client relationship, it’s actually pretty straightforward.

To show you, I interviewed a successful Bot Academy graduate to find out how she closed her first deal so that you can put their strategies to work for yourself.

Nerida’s story combines a few of the tactics from previous stories (personalization and creating demo bots). However, she used them in a way that really made an impression on her prospects.

She started by specifically focusing on people whose work she was familiar with and admired. Do you have your own list of dream clients who you’d love to work with?

She actually shared that this made her earliest clients easier to land than the ones who came later because she was familiar with them and could really tailor her pitch.

And that’s exactly what she did with the prospect who became her first client.

Nerida noticed that this particular business owner had a launch coming up soon. So she designed an experience to show the prospect exactly how bots could support her launch.

  1. She built a simple demo bot using the prospect’s branding and photos
  2. She created a demo landing page that put the prospect into the bot sequence once they clicked, like this one from our site:
  3. She sent the link in her cold email (using the template from Bot Academy) so that the business owner could experience exactly what her users would experience if she put it in action.

Since it was a real bot, Nerida could actually see once the prospect clicked and started interacting with the bot to know if she’d tried it out or not.

She could even message her through the bot to continue the sales conversation!

This was her sixth outreach email and within 30 minutes the prospect called her and said “I love this, it’s amazing!”

To say Nerida felt awesome was an understatement. She hadn’t just landed her first bot client, she’d really blown away someone she’d been following and admired.

And she did it by showing her how she could bring more value to what the client was already doing and make it even better.

How YOU Can Land Your First Chatbot Client

As you can see from all of these stories, there are tons of different ways land your first client. Each of these students took a different approach using the connections and the skills they already had.

But the core principles that worked were the same:

  • Tap into your network, even if they’re people you don’t “know” directly
  • Focus on the value you can provide on day one and beyond to retain the clients you close
  • Push through the fear and be persistent
  • If you’re ready to build your own sustainable income using chatbots, we’re here to help.

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