How to Charge More Building Chatbots

by Andrew Warner

A Bot Academy student posted a great question in our private community that made a few students worried. This question makes people worry not just with chatbots, but in many other parts of business:

  • Why would a business pay me $4,999 to build a website when they can buy a theme off of for $49?
  • Why would a business pay me $1,999 to design their company’s branding material when they can go on and pay $5?
  • Why would a business pay me $250 per article I write when they can hire an unpaid intern to publish blog posts for free?

Does this sound familiar?

I used to worry about this, too.

I started out as a freelance writer publishing blog posts for $50 apiece, which wasn’t enough to make a living, especially in San Francisco. But I just felt lucky to even get paid to write… with so many people willing to do it for free.

Then I met other writers who were getting paid $400 per blog post. Some charged $1,000 for each blog post. I have a friend now who runs a content agency that charges $7,000 each month for 3 blog posts.

That’s $2,300 PER BLOG POST!