This woman fell into a fountain

I used to laugh at the endless online GIFs of people texting and falling into fountains, but I can’t…

…I can’t laugh at her. I AM her. So is everyone.

Ok, so we haven’t fallen into fountains, but we’re all texting all the time.

Let’s let reddit users laugh at memes like this. We’re founders. We need to stop & look for the opportunity.

If chat is the way people prefer to communicate — if they love it so much that they’re falling all over themselves to use it — then we should be thinking of how we can reach them there.

That’s what Bot Academy is about.

We teach you how to reach people in the app they love using chatbots.

And we show you how to get companies to pay you to build chatbots for them.

If you were in any of my live webinars then you know how excited people are when I show them how I send marketing messages via chat. Chat lets me reach people using photos, GIFs, videos, interactive buttons, and other elements that keep people’s attention, but there are lots of reasons why people prefer them:

  • End users MUST opt-in to chatbots. There’s no chat spam.
  • Chat messages are easy for people to unsubscribe from, giving the user full control…
  • Users can check their messages on their time…

And, when the bot builder knows how to create content the way we teach Bot Academy students – the messages are actually fun and engaging. People love them.

It’s almost enough to make you dance in a fountain, isn’t it?

Businesses think so, too. That’s why every day more of them are hiring consultants to build bots for them.

See how we’re building those fun, interactive, profitable bots inside Bot Academy. Join here.

Andrew Warner
Founder, Bot Academy and Mixergy

P.S. What do business owners really think about bots?

Be on the lookout for my next email where I’ll introduce you to a business owner who hired one of our Bot Academy grads to build a bot for his business.

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