Group call 100


With: Stephen, Fion, Jason, Andre, James

[0:43] Stephen and Jason brainstorm about mortgage broker market.

[09:54] Do we have to pay for messages outside the 24 hour window?

[10:42] Any stats on multi-language chatbots in the US?

[17:50] I see there is such a thing as sponsored messages. Can you tell me about that?

[18:50] Fion talks about trying to include more AI in the bot.

[29:11] How do I outsource?

[37:00] How should I demo the bot, when I’m ready to pitch to a client?

[43:27] Have you thought about how a chatbot can be used for a political candidate?

[46:50] How can I find a builder to partner with if I’m not a part of the paid facebook group?

[55:44] How do you think the move to the new policy in engagement and paying to send messages will affect a political campaign’s bot and the chatbot business in general?