Group call 101


With: Nick, Janelle, Fion, James, Carlene

[7:12] Nick shares the news from the manychat conference. (SMS, email, Facebook comments, etc.)

[32:34] My client wants to use an audio file as a lead magnet. There doesn’t seem to be a way to download it from messenger though. How do I do that?

[41:36] I want to create a quiz for qualifying clients (in the webinar realm) and at the end, show them a visual representation or report of how they scored. How can I do that?

[46:22] I want to build a quiz where I can ask people questions and then send them a todo list via email. How do I do that in manychat?

[52:11] Once you have a number of subscribers on your bot, and you want to send out a sponsored message, what is the typical cost per message? What are the factors that determine that cost?

[57:21] Can you talk about AI in the bot?