Group call 102


With: Stephen, James, Janelle, Carlene

[0:17] Stephen shares how to accomplish nurturing using sms as a work-around for facebook’s new rules.

[4:00] I’m curious about advertising versus bots. How often do you also pair facebook ads with chatbots?

[11:10] How do I find out who shared a ref URL the most?

[20:38] After the 24 hour window closes (after the user’s last engagement), you enter the realm of sponsored messaging. How does that work?

[23:48] Can I chose an audience of 1 in facebook sponsored messages?

[31:17] I would like to offer a voucher for my service as a lead magnet. How do I use a code that the customer could use to get the voucher?

[39:50] What are some possible strategies for an insurance company?

[52:35] When I attempt to opt-in to a growth tool, it makes me re-log into facebook. Why does that happen?

[57:19] You were talking about outsourcing someone else to do your facebook ads, do you allow that person to talk to your clients directly?