Group call 103


With: Yannick, James, Adrien, Robert, Doc

[6:07] How do I implement a coupon code?

[14:49] Any tips for approaching non-profits?

[23:29] How do I show a client the value of a bot if I don’t have a demo to show? What do I do if a client doesn’t want to pay for the bot?

[30:43] What’s the best way to approach cart abandonment? Should I use shopmessage or manychat?

[33:25] I have an influencer client and I’m wondering if it’s easy to have a link lead to the bot from an instagram bio?

[39:22] What are your thoughts buttons vs. quick replies?

[44:10] What exactly are the new rules for subscription messaging?

[51:43] Can anyone give me a resource that will show me how to show me how to setup triggers for shopmessage with woocommerce?