Group call 104


With: Stephen, Carlene, John, Maylin, Mariano

[1:51] Are people using other CRM platforms to manage the other aspects of marketing or solely using manychat as a CRM?

[6:15] For each button that you create, do you also have a tag?

[10:49] Is it best practice to keep one manychat account or to create a new account for every client?

[23:20] Does the manychat affiliate program give you a percentage of all money earned from the manychat account?

[24:00] For the bot, is there an ideal email automation software to use?

[28:25] What does the shopify integration do?

[30:39] How does the bot client and customer work with bot sheets account?

[33:03] Did you come up with your own terms of service and contracts?

[35:20] What software do you use to bill clients?

[38:05] Are there any alternatives to dash bot?

[45:45] Does Bot Academy really teach you to master conversation commerce?

[47:20] For using keywords, do you set up individual flow based on that keyword?

[51:29] Is there a way to integrate chatbot with geotagging?

[53:51] Should we be working directly with a client’s customers?

[55:26] One of the challenges that I’m having is getting myself in front of people who run webinars. I’m in webinarjam and sometimes I answer questions. Do you have any suggestions on how to get myself in front of people doing webinars?

[1:05:36] Does shop message charge you per message or is it a monthly fee?

[1:07:07] What are the alternatives to shop message?

[1:09:40] What is going to happen to sequences after January?