Group call 106


With: Stephen, Mariano, Amy, Weller, Jason, Robert

[16:20] Anyone have experience targeting carpet cleaners?

[17:14] For the new shopify integration, is there anyway to split test modal popups?

[18:48] Is it a good idea to give an ROI guarantee. What do you think about that?

[23:32] Facebook is slowly rolling out a broadcast tool to be used in facebook. The thing is, I don’t have that on my phone, so I’m curious on how that is going to impact manychat down the road. Is facebook going to take over more of the chatbot functions?

[28:38] What do I do if a client requests a demo but I’m in a position where I don’t know enough about their business?

[31:15] How do I tell clients about the bot when they don’t know about chatbots in general?

[42:43] Let’s say we’re doing a five day challenge in the bot. How do I work with the 24 hour rule?

[48:25] If the client already has a list of valid emails, is that a good way to get started with a look a lookalike audience?

[1:09:30] Does anyone have experiences with using a chatbot to sell a food product to a multi-national audience?

[1:12:03] Can you send a cart abandonment message after 24 hours?

[1:15:45] Do you know of an example of a bot that promotes an upcoming event?

[1:17:08] How does using a ref link from a google ad violate facebook terms