Group call 107


With: Linda, Mariano, Maylin, Jason, Robert, Dan, James,Yannick, Michelle, Ruth

[16:51] What do you do when a client is unfamiliar with chatbots?

[22:16] How do I handle the agency page with manychat?

[25:44] If my client has access to the flows, how can protect that they won’t change something?

[28:08] Do you have any tips for approaching emails via cold email?

[34:40] What do you do for companies that are not willing to commit to change?

[37:07] What’s the max emails we can send out per day on gmail?

[38:23] Sometimes the default reply doesn’t work. How can I fix this?

[39:36] For restaurants, how do you track results from the chatbot?

[43:22] Do I need to learn facebook ads as well as chatbots?

[46:38] Will 24 plus 1 rule apply to transactional messaging (e.g. abandoned cart)?

[52:06] Any tips for approaching retail locations with regards to a loyalty program?

[57:25] I’m supposed to set up a sequence for an instagram challenge. This requires a follow up message a day before the challenge. How do I do that?

[1:00:56] Shopify integration and Manychat but they don’t play nice together. How do deal with that?

[1:05:40] I was interested in how to pull product images into an abandoned cart flow?