Group call 108


With: Stephen, Karlene, Sarah, Jason Mariano, Robert

[12:51] Do you know of any strategies that work for online coaches?

[24:15] Could you share your diagram for client proposals?

[30:09] I showed an example bot with a client and I came away from the experience with mixed reactions. Does anyone else have an opinion on how to show demos with clients?

[39:00] My live chat isn’t opening a conversation with anyone?

[41:59] I’d like to higher a bot builder just until I get up and running. Is that a good strategy?

[45:37] What’s a good strategy for getting around Facebook’s terms of service rules?

[54:00] I have a client that is likely to have a lot of questions coming through on messenger. Is there a way to not have the default message when that happens and start a live chat instead?

[1:00:13] Can you post a chatbot ref link on instagram?