Group call 83


With: Nick, Lindsey, Raul, Jason, Alfredo, Karina, Brian, Francisco,

Question timestamps

[12:55] My client specifically wants to use manychat with json code along with their facebook ads. Are there any tips for this?

[20:34] I’m in Germany, how do I approach clients in the USA?

[24:34] Can’t get my dialogue flow to pause among other errors. How do I debug it?

[33:07] I’m doing well at offering the chatbots to clients in person. But how do I promote myself on facebook?

[39:10] What would be a great niche to go after?

[39:59] Can I find some real estate chatbot examples?

[44:10] What areas are people having early success?

[54:03] Is there a repository of flow builder examples for different industries?

[57:35] How can I show potential customers of the value of chatbots?

[59:40] I’m wondering about the sharing google calendar link in the bot. Is there a downside to sharing a public link like that?

[1:00:30] Does google calendar automatically accommodate different time zones?

[1:03:33] I get the emails from Sam Ovens and I find them useful. But lately he is sending out some snarky comments about how he hates chatbots. Should I keep reading them?