Group call 84


With: Stephen, John, Nana, Andrew, Francisco, and Alfredo

Question timestamps

[12:00] How do you get your first couple of sales? What is the low-hanging sales?

[17:20] Do you find that after a few there is a certain level of ‘turn over’ where people’s results flatten out?

[18:50] Why not approach restaurants?

[23:10] What’s your main way to contact clients?

[28:07] My question has to do with switching to [manychat] ‘pro’. You know how you have the base of subscribers per month? Is it the total number of subscribers form every account you’re managing or per account? And if so, am I being billed or is it the person who is hiring me?

[31:00] High maintenance vs low maintenance clients and pricing conversation with Alfredo and Stephen.

[34:38] With smaller clients do you go month to month or do you set a contract?

[35:10] Alfredo gives advice on working with realtors.

[42:15] How do I setup a bot for a real estate agent with 40 plus listings that wouldn’t be too much work?

[48:30] What are the top stats that get clients excited and get the sale going?

[53:58] What markets are not too much work?

[56:20] Do you feel that it’s important to have your own website and business name?