Group call 85


With: Jason, Maria, John, Andrew, Nana, Thomas, Gale, Dan, Petra and Shane

Question timestamps

[20:05] When I run a facebook ad to messenger, how do I do that without making the client opt into the ‘get started’ thing?

[24:44] Talking to a group of people tonight about chabots, is there anything I shouldn’t mention? What do I talk about if I don’t want to mention the word ‘chatbots’ right away?

[31:25] What is the future of manychat? Is it going to be integrated with other platforms?

[33:40] How do I go about integrating a chabot for a business that’s not interested in educating people?

[39:10] What would you recommend about negotiating a price for a first client, when he knows that I’m just getting started with chatbots?

[43:50] How do the number of calls work?

[44:54] Is the botacademy network group willing to help me out if I’m stuck or there is a problem I can’t solve on my own?

[48:38] I noticed that cnn is doing the chabot thing. Is it worth approaching the local newspaper? If so, should I sell them a one time setup? What would my role be with the bot?

[54:53] Some of the question I want to get answered as I go through the course is who to sell bots to? Is there anything in the course that will help me get over that hump? Are there certain questions I can ask a client to figure out if they’re a good fit?

[1:04:19] I’d like to know about sending messages to people in different time zones?

[1:07:45] If we have not been keeping up with the week to week homework, does that put me the queue for becoming certified?

[1:08:38] I set a rule for the bot to follow up with customers if they haven’t asked a question. But I’ve noticed that even if they ask a question, and engage with the bot, it will do the follow up again and again. How do fix this?

[1:11:40] I’d like to know how to use pictures without getting into copyright issues.