Group call 86


With: Stephen, Andrew, Anthony, Ben, Dorothy, Gale, Gary, Lindsey, Maria, Robert, Sean, Tom, Thomas, and Yvonne.
Special guest lecture by Mary Kathryn Johnson

Question timestamps

[3:05] How did you [Mary Kathryn Johnson] get started in webinars? Why did you start to do webinar bots first?

[15:24] Lecture about how to get clients and pick your niche.

[22:20] So you’ve productized the service and you’ve simplified and created a way to earn even more from custom builds. How do you turn that into a template and get into the scaling metrics?

[30:08] When creating a sequence, going with the templating format, are there any theories that explain how to funnel leads through the education piece from hard/soft sell.

[34:10] Lecture on ‘How to connect it all’?

[40:40] How do we create S.O.P. to quickly onboard our contractors?

[49:15] How many interactions on average do you expect to make to make a sale?

[53:35] For someone who is new to this, do you think it’s necessary to create a company or LLC before you start hiring contractors [admins] for these types of tasks?

[58:30] How to sell a productized service to people in the same industry?

[1:13:30] When you try to sell a bot through addressing pain points, which pain-points work best?

[1:19:14] What’s your go-to bot software?

[1:22:45] When you take on a client, do you set up the manychat account for them? Do you pay for their pro account?

[1:27:13] Do you have a process for creating a bot personality?