Group call 87


With: Nick, Janis, Thomas, Jason, John, Laura, Cameron, Gale

Question timestamps

[9:22] How do I package the bot? What am I selling and what are they getting?

[17:05] Is it a smart strategy to focus on having the bot do something minimal (like an abandoned cart flow) to begin with and then grow the bot as you produce results? Or should do as much as possible at the beginning?

[19:48] How do you recommend to draw the line between the setup and the recurring services? How do you structure the offer in a concise way? What gets included in bot maintenance?

[27:45] Anyone have any thoughts on meeting people in person?

[33:50] Are people using chatbots to drive people to a facebook live seminar?

[34:07] Does someone have to trigger the chatbot during the facebook live seminar? Would I have to support my client during the live seminar by watching the comments?

[36:40] Jason shares some advice.

[43:00] I’m struggling with following up with clients. How can I communicate the value I’m bringing with the bot without feeling like I’m just trying to sell something. What’s the best way to get on the phone with your ideal client?

[50:27] I’d like you to explain more about the bot fulfillment business that you and Andrew have recently launched?

[53:40] Are you doing reporting and analytics inside manychat?

[59:07] Anyway to optimize bots for voice search etc?

[1:00:00] Nana shares her process struggles.