Group call 89


With: Stephen, Richard, Alex, Robert, Carlene

Question timestamps

[5:55] I’ve been trying to reach out to agencies, but I haven’t heard back. How can I make sure I’m reaching out to the right person?

[9:20] How do I reach more people that are running webinars?

[22:16] Does the bot work more effectively if you couple it with facebook ads? If so, do you have a course I can learn facebook ads?

[29:10] Do you have a way to prevent people from copying your flows?

[38:46] How do sequences relate to the 24 + 1 rule? Can a sequence be set up over several days as long as it doesn’t send promotion material? Or do I have to send all sequences within 24 + 1 time frame?

[40:24] I want to ask about pricing and whether you have any sort of grid I can follow? (E.G. for $1000 you get x, for $2000 you get x and y.)