Group call 90


With: Nick, Maria, Robert, Alex, Robert, Richard, Francisco, Carol, Sophie

Question timestamps

[5:50] Has anyone had any experience with landing a [government] city contract, but your business is registered in another state. How does that work? (Legal question)

[15:10] What is your ice-breaker when cold calling clients? How do you get your foot in the door when you’re doing cold outreach?

[27:11] I want to target email marketers who maybe have a sequence that they already use for other clients. Is there an opportunity for that sort of market?

[33:15] Has anyone had any experience incorporating message marketing into mobile advertising?

[37:11] What is the preferred path into a sample bot?

[40:34] For the assignments that you have to submit for the modules, do we get feedback?

[52:20] When you are searching for your first client, let’s say you’re reaching out to groups on facebook, do you need to modify your facebook page in any way?

[56:10] Should you sell your first bot for free?