Group call 94


With: Stephen, Mike, Janet, Bobby, Chad, Amanda

[11:10] Does the manychat tutorial teach me how to connect the bot to the facebook ad?

[14:10] Stuck on ‘how to add a menu option’ on module 1. [Stephen shares his screen].

[19:45] Can you only transfer one flow at a time? If your bot has ten flows, can you transfer that whole folder? [Stephen shares his screen again]

[24:42] When looking for clients, who do you find more receptive vs who is going to take longer to convince?

[32:17] How should I price the bot? Do you make clients sign a contract?

[39:00] When you charge 2000 for a client’s facebook ads, does the ads for the proceeds come out of what that 2000 they pay you or do they have to pay on top of the 2000?

[42:32] How can I have a default message that is specific for a particular quiz?

[56:50] I’m building a bot for a restaurant and using the bot for food delivery. I’m having a problem creating a flow for capturing the meal the customer is ordering and doing the math for adding up the price?

[59:55] I’m having an issue when having a client responding back to email. Any tips for getting responses from clients?

[1:06:10] I just want to check in with GDPR. Is there anything else we need to do to make sure we are compliant?