Group call 95


With: Nick, Yannick, Carlene, Victor, John, Gale

[8:30] When you build a bot for somebody and you build a second one for them as well, how do you do pricing for that?

[15:15] I’m doing a demo bot for a restaurant. Right now the flow is working great for ordering one meal at a time through the bot. But I can’t seem to make it work for more than one item at a time. Any tips?

[23:20] Is there a process for setting up parts of flows in advance and reuse them?

[26:03] Discussion about subscription messaging.

[33:22] I have a business coach client and her bot sends out tips each day. Does that come out of the heading as subscription of news?

[39:05] Is there a way to know a customer has interacted with the bot in the last 24 hours before we send out a broadcast?

[50:17] Nick shares his screen to show how to do meal ordering for a restaurant in the bot.

[57:50] When you take on a project, how much time do you tell it is going to take?

[1:05:00] How long does it take to build an ecommerce bot?