Group call 96


With: Stephen, Erin, Teresa, Cynthia, Carol, Yannick

[11:01] Do you position the bot as a part as service that your offering? Or do you just specialize in bots?

[14:00] I’m trying to change the name of my agency page on facebook. Is there an easy way to do that without losing my followers?

[16:56] I’ve got a bot for a bar client with a long list of beers. It works well to put that list on a chatbot list? What happens to that when the list feature goes away?

[23:15] What’s the difference between the default and the welcome message?

[28:15] I notice there are a lot of bots out there that connect you to a webpage. Is there a way to get them back into the bot once they have been taken to a webpage?

[30:40] Are you aware of anyone that is making money off chatbots who are not actually building them?

[43:38] My bot is massive. What’s a good way to chop it down into manageable pieces?

[45:00] How many days does it take you to build a bot?

[56:06] When you’re approaching somebody for the first time, what’s the best way to convey the value the bot can bring?