Group call 97


With: Nick, Hans, Teresa, David, Guled, Mike, Mark, Yannick

[13:50] Do you have any ideas about how restaurants can use bots?

[18:17] About the changes from August 15th. Does that have any major influence on building bots? [Nick shares his screen]

[31:00] Does manychat still generate QR codes for us?

[32:06] How do I find ecommerce clients that can actually pay for a bot?

[37:40] How much do people generally charge for a retainer fee? What service do they provide each month?

[47:30] Is Bot Academy only about using manychat? Or is it about all chatbots?

[49:45] Discussion about chatbots for bank customers.

[53:20] How much do I charge on retainer and how often do I charge? Should I create a contract for that?

[1:02:10] For subscription messages, can I send blog posts or information about a webinar with call to action to buy? Would it be considered promotion or come on the news category?