Group call 98


With: Stephen, Dave, Carlene, Rodger, James

[9:07] With my quiz, if someone answers incorrectly, how do I send them a default message and resend them the same question again?

[20:40] Stephen coaches Rodger on how lead gen.

[34:03] Stephen shares some ideas for restaurant clients.

[36:30] Is it ok to use GIPHY in the bot?

[39:17] I was posting in webinarjam facebook group, what is your strategy for approaching facebook group?

[49:05] Is Octane AI similar to manychat in terms of it being a general bot service but they’re more focus on adding the ecommerce integrations or are they a more restrictive service?

[1:00:29] When you are going to facebook groups to look for partners, do you ask, ‘Hey, I’m looking for a partner?’, or do you have another strategy?