Group call 99


With: Richard, Carlene, James, Yannick, Gigi

[6:52] I heard that manychat is doing a text message integration? Do you know anything about that?

[8:00] Do you know anything about pixel customers within manychat?

[12:05] Do you have any tips for prospecting?

[30:35] How do I integrate with shopify?

[33:35] How do I reach prospects using facebook groups?

[39:20] What’s the proper way to set up the bot so that if you can transfer it over to the client or handle if the client stops paying for manychat ‘pro’? How does that work logistically?

[48:15] In my quiz, I’d like to use a multiple choice with a user input option. I’d like to connect each multiple choice answer to a specific perform action. When I try it, it connects all the answers to the one perform action. I’m not able to connect them individually. How do I fix this?